Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WoW in Real Life: Druids

So a couple days back I went ahead and posted what DK abilities I would want in real life.

Since we are being formal and alphabetical Druids are next on the list, as you may have guessed from your knowledge of the alphabet and the title of the post.

As a disclaimer. I have nothing against healers of any type. However, I am not likely to ever list any healing spells in this series, because frankly, I find them ho hum. They don't do amazingly cool things, they just heal. They're magic band-aids.

While magic in and of itself is cool, if I could only have one ability, I would want it to be something outrageous. For a similar reason, I will not be listing spells like fireball.

Right, so without further ado (I use that term too often):

First: Swift Flight Form. You can't argue with that too much. You turn into a bird, instantly. AND you can fly really fast. If you can IRL runa 6 minute mile at 100% run speed, with epic flying you're a almost four times faster. This means that you can have a 1.57 minute mile 1:34:02 minutes per mile which turns out to be 38 miles per hour. If you get a better mount and have a paladin friend who gives you crusader Aura, you can bump that to 43 MPH.

Second: The rest of the forms. I did leave out travel form because that is much the same as cat form, except without the claws. Now, under the rules of the game you could only have one of them, but any one of them would be a lot of fun.

Finally: Hurricane. It is a fun spell. It causes a hurricane on target. Now, I would modify the spell slightly to make it more practical. First off, it would cover a larger area and secondly it wouldn't hit whoever you didn't specifically want it to hit. Having a drought? Call up a hurricane. Having relatives over? Delay them with a hurricane.

Again, if you have ideas for druid spells or abilities, post below.

If you have ideas for other classes, email me.

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  1. Having a tendency to fall over my own feet, I wouldn't say no to a spot of "feline grace". If passives don't count I think I'd pick "catform" and "prowl". Being able to turn into a rather large cat could be fun but I suspect you would need the prowl bit to ensure no one called a zoo.