Tuesday, March 2, 2010

End-game: Part III

I decided that today I would show off my combat-UI. Now, this I do use this UI on all of my toons, at all levels, but I chose the particular addons with my endgame raiding in mind. Along the left side of the UI I have Grid, which is a simple raid frame. Grid allows me to see if someone else has threat and easily select them, or to see if they have a dispellable debuff. In the center I have IceHUD. IceHUD also has cast bars (not displayed-cuz, well Paladin). The bars on the left are my health/mana, on the right, it has my targets health/mana. Instead of the standard buff tracker I use Elkano's Buff Bars which give me a better sense of how quickly the buff/debuff is wearing off.
The main change of my UI comes from SpartanUI. It condenses all six standard bars into a smaller, tighter area located at the bottom the screen. I know many people can access everything they need for a raid in just two bars, but I like the ability to grab random things from my pack of useful abilities. Spartan clears the top and the sides of the standard UI so if you're staring at your CD's you can also quickly see you position, your vitals, target's vitals and target's target's vitals.

Omen doesn't appear here, but I use Omen, Recount and DBM as my standard raid utilities. I recently noticed that when I am tanking, I often attend to the lower section of the screen and get most of my data that way, but when I don't have to worry about threat, and therefore about getting abilities off the instant they come off cooldown, I can attend to the center, see my positon and my health without having to move my sight around constantly.

However, in either case an ability coming off CD or a DBM/raid warning will be enough to cause me to momentarily attend to where it came from allowing me to throw out my judgements or move out of the fire.

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