Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Occasionally I get to instance in an old-world raid. Those things really knew the meaning of epic. This is not a post ranting about the good ol' days. In fact, I was never part of the good ol' days. In fact, I wasn't even part of the semi-ol' days (TBC). I joined about four days before patch 2.4 and didn't hit seventy until a while after 3.0.2.
Nonetheless, Classic raids contained the essence of epic. I mean, you were slaying dragons and the Lord of Fire! You even got to kill an old god.
Of course, there are other parts of 'epic' to define.
  1. The epic struggle to find forty people.
  2. The epic lag ensuing from 30 peoples AoEs.
  3. The epic amount of disconnects.
  4. The epic number of deaths at the beginning of the twenty-minute battles.
  5. The epic amount of Loot Drama. Same number of pieces of gear, two to four times as many people.
  6. The epic feel of having the group fall apart right before the end boss after four hours of solid raiding.
Oh those epic days. They are a lot more fun now that you can faceroll them.

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