Friday, March 26, 2010

The Future of Guilds

So, I have a surprise for all y'all. Today's title actually works for today's piece.

Beyond that, I have my ideas, and what has been 'confirmed'.

At BlizzCon 2009, Blizzard announced that in Cataclysm there would be a guild leveling system.

Guilds would be able to gain talent points from their levels and use those talents to improve their raiding and PvP. Things mentioned included raid-wide rezs, damage buffs and others.

Guilds were also told that they would likely get guild items- so that they couldn't be ninja'd. They would be heirlooms that would stay with the guild.

That is what Blizzard has said is likely to be in Cata. But there is more that could be done- and more that I want.
  1. Official Guild Alliances: This would allow several smaller guilds to Ally themselves and get guild levels. There would be restrictions, so that five guilds that each can run two simultaneous 25-mans cannot join into one huge group that runs 250 people through say ToC in one night and gets the ridiculous amount of guild-exp that killing five bosses 250 times entails.
  2. Guild-First Achievements: These would be achievements for the first people in a guild to complete certain objectives. They would be similar to the World-First achievements, but if you switched out of the guild you earned it in, you would have to have gotten that achievement before the people in your new guild to keep the achievement.
  3. Guild AHs: I know in my guild, we do work for free for guildies, and often supply the mats if we have them on hand. I know that in many progressive raiding guilds, that is in short supply. However, if there was a guild AH, you could post your spare enchants, or enchanting mats, at a 'guild price' so guildies could get what they needed, at a lower price, and you would still make gold.
  4. Guild Halls: This would be similar to the concept of player housing, but the guild halls available would only be the rooms of Raid Bosses they have defeated at least 10 times. There would be some customization possible, mostly guild achievement related however. You would be able to show off your kills and any legendaries the guild might have gotten. Guilds would also be able to purchase a mailbox, a guild bank vault and a guild AH to place in their Guild Hall, similar to the way that they purchase bank tabs.

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