Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Greedy Gronko's Grand Gold Gathering Guide: Professions- Engineering

Engineering is by far one of the most fun professions to have. They can create all sorts of fun little tools that can be useful, but more commonly, are just fun.

But this article isn't focused on how much cooler engineering is than the other professions. I feel that I have to have a max level engineer before I can rant on that.

Engineering is limited on the production front. While many of what it can make is BoE or unbinding, most of it requires engineering skill, so you can only sell it to people who can make it.

Engineers can make a few pets, and those can sell for anywhere between 10g and 100g.

The other profitable thing engineers can manage is ammo crafting. Ammo is cheap to make and can often be sold for significant prices on the AH.

Greedy Gronko says that if you want gold- don't take engineering. If you want explosives and toys and explosive toys- take engineering.

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