Sunday, March 7, 2010

My excuse- in detail.

So yesterday I didn't get a post in as mentioned. So I must describe why I missed that post and you can judge whether or not it was worth it.

So I got up just before 1 and almost instantly went to Mythos.

Mythos is a pseudo-larp/boff. When the weather is good we hit each other with foam swords and on occasion cast spells at each other. I myself got into a couple shadow-boxing duels and rolled in the mud. After Mythos (which ends at 3) I took a shower, because, well I had been rolling in mud for two hours.

Following that I immediately started to watch the most recent Caprica episode.

Right at the end of that my friend called and said that he had arrived from a neighboring college. I couldn't exactly write then because he is not a WoW player, and it would have been quite rude.

We talked programming for a bit and then watched an episode of White Collar. This ended minutes before six when we went to Deathfest. That ended at 3. At that point I decided to sleep. Because it was three. In the morning. So I slept.

This counts as yesterday's post, because I am a cheater.

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