Friday, March 12, 2010


I'm eating cake right now. Isn't that spectacular? It is.

But cake is not the only thing I'm going to talk about today. I'm going to talk about food, fishing and cooking too.


Food is a very important part of any leveling toon's inventory. Without food, they sit around waiting for their mp5 and natural health regen to bring them back up to full. Now a big question in WoW is whether or not it is worth it to level your cooking while leveling to be able to get all the food you need.

I feel that you needn't level it until endgame- if at all. While you are leveling you will be able to gather food from killing mobs and it should be enough to cover you. Paladins, Shamans, Druids, Priests, Warlocks, Mages and Death Knights don't need to worry about those extra's while leveling. The first four have heals, Warlocks have life draining, as do DKs. Mages can summon their own food. This leaves rogues, warriors and hunters. Hunters can have their pet tank and warriors are not supposed to take damage. Rogues can afford to buy merchant food because of their double looting pickpocket/kill method.


Should never be leveled. The only reason you should ever go fishing is for achievements. And if you have a really laggy day and can't do anything else. Then don't fish in Dalaran. Fish in Redridge, or Westfall. Maybe ghostlands.


You don't need to have more than 1 max level cooking toon. They can pass off the rest of the food to your other toons and for feasts they can join the raid, drop it and log out before being saved.

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