Monday, March 29, 2010


A few days ago, upon closing my game of Mass Effect 2, steam alerted me to the fact that there was this wonderful game on sale- 75% off. It had won many awards and was only $5.

So, I said to myself, lets check some reviews about this game. I did so, and the reviews said that it was a solid buy at $20. Since $5 is less than $20, and a lot more affordable to a college student's budget, I bought it.

Since then I've played it a ridiculous amount.
The above is a mid-combat screenshot. Since the time of that screenshot, I have become significantly more powerful in parallel with my enemies and therefore there are significantly more explosions.
This image here is a static UI shot. The game is a standard point and click RPG. You can bind an ability to your left and right clicks- one is a standard attack and the other can be bound to any of your spells. You only have one action bar, but since you don't have many cooldowns (if any) and no more than a half-dozen primary spells, you should be fine.

You do have talent trees, but the open up based on your level, not based on points previously spent in that tree.

As to the gameplay itself is a top-down game, very similar to Diablo. Several of the game design team who made Diablo were also present for Torchlight, making it very similar.

So far, the story is not very compelling and while the graphics aren't top of the line, they fit with the overall feel of the game.

I would definitely recommend buying this if you can get it for $5-10, and would strongly suggest it, if the cost were $20.

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