Thursday, March 11, 2010

Off Topic

So this post will be a little off topic, but I think it is an important one to all of us.

This is rather unrelated to anything, but the Oscars brought it to my attention.

This past year has seen several wonderful films for people like me.

  1. Star Trek
  2. Inglourious Basterds
  3. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Avatar
  5. District 9
  6. The Hurt Locker
Four of those six films were nominated for best picture. This is an amazing crop of action films. Now, many people have strong feelings about Star Trek and Avatar- either you love em or you hate them, but in any case they're both wonderful movies.

I know that when I went to a screening of Star Trek, there were about 40-50 geeks in the room and we all cheered when there was no sound in space. Although you may not like what it did with the timeline, or what it did with the characters, independent of that, it was really good.

Avatar, while the story and acting may have been slightly subpar the visuals and action sequences were some of the best in ever.

Anyways, just wanted to throw out a cheer for the awesomeness of action films, and I can't wait for the WoW movie- be it bad, terrible or awful.

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  1. PAH.

    Also, I remember now. The Hurt Locker was that movie that won everything. Forgot what it was called, even though it won half the awards that night..