Monday, March 22, 2010

WoW in Real Life: Death Knights

A few days ago on wowinsider, I read an article referencing some other blogger's blog.

In that blog, they asked the question:

"If you could have any ability in WoW, what would it be?"

I find that the question is a bit rough in wording. I have reworded it to say (as it was originally meant) "If you could have any WoW spell/ability/talent in real life, what would it be?"

I have considered each of the classes and will present them in order, one every few days/weeks.

Since I couldn't come up with much for Warriors, I'll be going alphabetically, therefore starting with Death Knights.

My first pick would be Unholy Presence. Being able to do everything 15% faster would be a huge boon, and the GCD would be the ability to switch from one focus to another.

Next I would pick Army of the Dead. Yeah, if someone is bothering you, just stand there for a few seconds and you have an army at your beck and call.

Third is Master of Ghouls. Rather than having an army of several ghouls for a minute every ten minutes you get a ghoul to follow you. Forever. The downside is that he is a ghoul and therefore has the rotting flesh component to it.

Finally Dancing Rune Weapon. This just gives you an extra pair of hands. If you're a politician and need to shake hands and hold babies, you can now do both at the same time. As a side note I originally, accidentally wrote "hold hands and shake babies". You can write twice as fast or keep a hand on WASD, a hand on your mouse, and a hand on each of 1-5 and 6-0 while playing WoW.

If you have any ideas for Death Knight abilities you would want IRL, please post below. If you have ideas for other classes, email me at

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