Friday, March 19, 2010

Greedy Gronko's Grand Gold Gathering Guide: Professions- Leatherworking

Yet another profession of which I have not maxed. I promise you, after the tailoring guide, I'll go back to writing random stuff that none of you will ever read. But sometimes random stuff is good.

Right- so today we are gonna cover leatherworking.

Leatherworking is fairly limited, like blacksmithing and tailoring because it creates wearable items- and once you get one of an item, you don't need another.

So, of course, you can create entry level epics and twink items and sell them for a profit.

Also, for twinks, the lower level armor kits can be slid onto their armor making them even more annoying.

At 80, you have a few routes- of course you can create leg patches, which I thank you for as I don't have any LW to make some for me.

The other primary option- released in 3.3.2 is drums. The drums you can make at 450 are wonderful profit makers. Even buying mats off the AH you can spend 50g (approx) to make 100g per drum. Since drums are used very often, you should generate some decent cash.

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