Thursday, March 18, 2010

Greedy Gronko's Grand Gold Gathering Guide: Professions- Jewelcrafting

Today is a happy day. Jewelcrafting is actually one of two professions that I have at max skill, so I would like to consider that I know something about it.

However, there isn't much that I can say about the profession. Similar to inscription, jewelcrafting has one purpose. Crafting jewels. If you're not doing that, you're doing it wrong- or you are below skill 300.

At lower levels JC's can make some fairly nice items for twinks and pseudo-twinks. Once you finally get past 300, the real money starts pouring in.

For a while you can make a load of green gems fairly cheaply and sell them- but not for much profit. You begin to profit when you hit the current tier of gems- so (as of this writing) the Northrend gems.

As a note- for the rest of this piece, unless otherwise noted, the gem color denotes the rarity, not the color.

You can easily but a stack of green gems for abou 15-20g, cut all of them and sell them for about 1-3g each, depending on the cut. Stamina gems are more likely to sell, and for higher prices, as are spell power and hit gems.

Blue gems follow the same pattern, but cost 10-30g each but can be sold for 20-70g depending on the cut and the color of the gem. Red gems usually are the most expensive because of their apparent rarity.

When you get to epic gems, you can make a lot more money for each cut, but it is riskier as the initial investment is several times greater. Uncut epics cost at least 100g and sometime go as far up as 200g.

Your first goal should be to learn the best epic and rare cuts for yourself. For PvE those would be the Stamina, Spell Power, Int, Haste, Strength and ArP. Other stats, such as Hit and Defense are very important, but most people in full t9 don't need any additional Hit or Def, as their gear already gives it to them.

For PvP look for Stamina, Resilience and perhaps Spell Pen.

After you have gemmed yourself you can begin to look into buying large numbers of lower quality gems, cutting them and selling them.

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