Sunday, March 14, 2010

Greedy Gronko's Grand Gold Gathering Guide: Professions- Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing is one of my favorite professions to request.

But, putting that BS behind us, lets get to the real meat of this profession.

The one problem with being a BS is that most of what you can do is a one time deal, per customer. Even if every player on the server wanted a specific item, you would create it once for each of them. An alchemist will be in constant demand because everyone will continually want more flasks. The only item people go back to a BS for is the belt buckle.

The belt buckle is one of BS's most prominent money-makers. Other options include cheap greens that can be DE'd for the mats.

But don't discount BSers. They are very valuable in creating gear for new max-level alts (or mains) and they can continue to create gear upgrades, albeit learning at a slower rate. In fact, my tanking bracers are off a max skill BS who had a very specific pattern.

As a BS, make sets of about a dozen belt buckles or create greens to AH or DE. The final option, which can generate large amounts of gold if successful is to create BoE epics and AH them.

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