Tuesday, August 17, 2010

War Sorceror

Or, as a friend likes to call it, the Warceror. I took the basic premise from the War Mage (Complete Arcane) but I felt that that class wasn't really strong/focused enough- all it did was give the caster more armor, but fewer spell options.

The Warceror also has fewer spell options (a lot fewer in fact (but more can be added at the DM's discretion)) but they are focused and the class abilties help him too. He does increased damage with his spells as he levels, and if he gets bad luck (25% damage or less) he gets a free spell- and it doesn't count against his daily limits. In theory, if you have a chain of "terrible luck" as in- you get 1/4 damage or worse for 10+ attacks in a row... well, then you might be able to get some nice damage out.

Plus, if you get lucky, you might get Empowered Spell Casting during your streak of bad luck and get crits. Just like Hot Streak crits! Woohoo!

Anyways, without further ado The Warceror.

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