Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oh look!

So, some changes have happened in my guild. Rather than think when I can't, I decided to copy-paste my message I put on the guild forums.

On Thursday this week Amphitrite announced that she has gotten a job that partially conflicts with our current raid schedule and asked me to fill in as raid leader.

So- now that I'm in charge (to a degree), I'd like to say a few things.

1) If there is someone who has been a TOC raid leader and wants this position, let me know.
2) The goal of this is maximum fun- not loot, not progression. Fun.
3) Progression is more fun than wiping and loot is more fun than wiping- so I'll try to avoid wiping.
4) I take raiding somewhat seriously, so I would like to see some effort. However, it is supposed to be fun- so I'll be talking alot (like I normally do) and you can too.
5) I don't know the healing portions of fights all that well. I'll watch the videos and try to learn, but I may ask one of our experienced healers to be heal lead and coordinate the healers.
6) If you haven't lead before, but are interested in leading in the future- talk to me. I'll try and have you do Loot Master or explain fights to new people if necessary.
7) If you have any questions or issues with the way I'm doing things- let me know through a whisper or a mail and I'll do my best to fix it. If you would rather, I'm ok with you posting here to get other opinions- if everyone thinks I'm fail, I'll ask someone to step up to replace me or try even harder.

Now, onto how I'll invite people to a raid.

1) I'll do my best not to show favoritism- that means I won't try to invite friends over other people.
2) People who accepted and are early have first priority. People who accepted and are on time have second priority.
3) People who are tentative and were early have third. People who have tentative and are on time have fourth.
4) Finally, other guild mates who did not respond but are geared and have run before, but not many times have fifth, then people who we can carry- so a DPS or two, maybe a healer- so that we can get new people in and so that they can use the loot, and then geared people who have run many times before. Then we go to pastry and if the group wants to- Trade Chat, otherwise we do something easier. If we're doing progression (usually Thursdays and some Mondays) we are less likely to be able to carry someone.
4) Getting a suitable group take priority over everything- therefore if we have two tanks, but they're geared for LS and not, say, Sindragosa, while they will get invites according to the above rankings, getting two geared tanks and two (or three) healers that can keep the raid alive will take priority- if we die, we're not going to get far.

So, I hope I'll live up to my standards, much less yours and I hope everyone has fun. Of course, these are all open to change, but I think they're fair and they make sense.

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