Sunday, August 8, 2010

Death by Warlock

Long time no death! Here it comes!

Affliction: First you feel a little ill. Then you get this burning sensation. Then some more illness- and then sheer agony. You feel as though spirits are ripping through you and you begin to feel weak. Suddenly you are confronted by your greatest fears, and you flee in horror. As you do so, you finally collapse and die.

Destruction: You get hit by fire. Then more fire. Then more fire. Then, rather than this normal looking fire, some green, missile shaped fire hits you and you fall over- somewhat dead.

Demonology: Walking along you are stunned as giant axe wielding demon charges you. You begin fighting with this enemy, but he doesn't seem to be taking damage- you look behind him to see a Warlock healing his minion, however, before you can attack the true threat, he transforms into a demon himself and charges you. He has an aura that burns you and his melee attacks are as bad as his minions. Before you can do anything, he makes you run in fear and begins burning away your soul with a fire spell. You collapse, your soul eternally captured- at least until he wants to summon a demon again.

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